10Drilz(tendrils) is an up and coming entrepreneur, producer, artist, and DJ. With over 10 years in the field, 10Drilz continues to grow. For many years he was underground working with local rappers and singers, perfecting tracks and providing new music regularly.


10Drilz is the creation of DMV native Brendan Wertlieb.  With a B.A. degree in Music and Social Entrepreneurship, including concentrations in music composition and production, 10Drilz is continually evolving and perfecting his craft. A lifelong love of music with an eclectic mix of influences, he has performed in live music for over a decade and has come to understand that music can bring people together to change the world.  Ultimately he wants to help achieve world unity. Music is his passion and he puts it well before most things. He is now pleased to announce the release of music you have been deprived of.

10Drilz pulls from all genres of music to create unique fusion style tracks. From remixes, to rap beats to original music, 10Driiz can do it all, creating the perfect environment and sound to suit all

your music needs. Explore his library of completed work, or commission an original composition to meet your style and standards.  Inquire about production and recording services as well.


Global, national and local events combine to cloud our ability to see the positive. You are being intentionally blinded. Music is a powerful tool, you are encouraged to use your ears and brain.   With music we can revolutionize the way we think, communicate and behave.   With his music he hopes to create change, and provide a place we can all enjoy and maintain. You can be a part of the change. His performance campaign will be shaped in a similar way to the legendary Bassnectar’s. Very few producers/DJ’s/ musicians give back to the community. 10Drilz plans to be able to do similar projects and movements, starting by contributing a portion of ticket sales to a cause of your choice. This will be voted on and decided by the audience.


You can be part of the movement. You can reach your potential and use music to bridge the gaps, spread the positive and change the world.


Thanks for all the support – 10Drilz


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